Global Film Sales
Distributing Films that Make a Difference

Revenue Distribution for both Producers and Buyers
Global Film Sales is about making a difference in the films people watch. We represent only excellent films with the potential to make the highest possible revenue in any particular country.

• Producers' representation dream
• Distribution country by country
• No nonsense business
• Licensing films for Theaters
• Licensing films for Airlines
• Licensing films for TV
• Licensing films for VOD
• Licensing films for DVD
• Licensing films for ALL Windows

Our team is highly experienced in not only international business, but also in representing film producers who make movies that make a difference in people’s lives.

A team of producers for producers and business people for business people.

November, 2017:
AFM - American Film Market: meeting acquisition buyers and film producers.

2017 - Visiting acquistion buyers in Europe and Canada:

Cannes Film Festival and Market.
Toronto Film Festival and Market.

Film Markets Worldwide

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